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Quality Flooring

  • Carpet
  • Hardwood
  • Laminate
  • Tile 
  • Vinyl
  • And more...
  1. Advanced Flooring
    Offering a wide variety of products & design
  2. Experienced Team
    20+ years of exceptional flooring installation
  3. Affordable Pricing
    Flooring you need at a price you can afford
  4. Best Location
    Centrally located in the heart of Burnsville
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Satisfied Customers
  1. Tyler
    Did an awsome job with the new hardwood floors and new carpet. Extremely pleased
  2. Jason Meyer
    I recently bought a home in October in west Bloomington and Infinite floors helped me with some remodeling. Successful, trustworthy companies need to have a great leader that promotes their brand with high expectations and cares about the customers. I was impressed with Jestin and his team immediately. He stands by his brand and his crew is hard-working and efficient. I take my endorsements seriously and I would recommend Infinite Floors to anyone looking to get remodeling done.
  3. Paul Christian
    Transformed our kitchen in one day! Amazing team and amazing prices! Thank you again Jestin and the rest of the team over at Infinite Floors.
  4. Jeremy Hammerschmidt
    Just want to thank Infinite Floors and Kemps Kontracting for installing our carpet. Beat other companies prices by hundreds and saved us so much time. Makes selling our home less stressful. Contacted Jestin Kemp at 11 pm and he was at our home quoting us the next morning. My wife and I couldn't have been happier with the work. Had our entire main living quarters done. Like an episode of love it or list it. We hated it but now love it!! Still listing it. Lol. Thanks Jestin
  5. Byron and Larry Bruhn
    We just had our master bedroom carpet, kitchen flooring and backsplash and kitchen hardware installed by Infinite Floors and Kemp's Kontracting. The level of attention to detail is unsurpassed! We could not stop smiling at each step of the installation process. We have had bad experiences in the past and we were hesitant to take on a renovation but they have fully restored our faith in the trade industry. We can not recommend them enough. Good prices+great workmanship =truly grateful customers ! We are willing anytime to serve as a reference for the work they do! We expect to build a lasting relationship with this company to protect and improve our home in years to come! Thank you for everything! Byron and Larry Bruhn
  6. Andrew Vaughan
    The Infinite Floors team takes care of all my remodels. We work side by side to make peoples dreams a reality at affordable prices.